October 6, 2006

Saving for a camera, the Canon Diet – Part I

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The camera I use is a Canon S2 IS. It is a great camera and I am very pleased with its performance. Because of this camera, I now have an interest is actually becoming a part-time photographer. Not really to make a lot of money, just to maybe offset some of the cost of this rather expensive hobby.

I decided to do this I need a professional camera. A digital SLR. A Canon EOS 400D (aka Rebel XTi). Unfortunately, this is going to cost quite a bit. The camera kit $899.99, 2Gb CF card $116, and a 50 1.8 lense for portraits $80. This doesn’t count a new camera bag, extra battery, etc.

The plan is to get the camera by July 2007. I have just about 10 months to save about $1100. It will be close, but I think I can do it. Every time I would normally buy something extra…like a new DVD or upgrade my cell phone, I instead put the money in the camera fund. I am also saving as much of my lunch allowance as I can to go into the camera fund. Lunch allowance is the reason for writing this. I have been saving now for two weeks. in that two weeks, I have lost 4.5lbs because I am eating smaller lunches.

My goal is definately not to lose weight, but it seems to be a nice side effect. Every week I am going to keep track of how well my Canon Diet is working.

Sorry, no week 1 stats

Starting weight: 205lbs
Week 2 weight: 200.5lbs
Weekly loss: (not sure)
Total loss: 4.5lbs


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